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Publications: Issue Insights

Issue Insight-logoCouncil staff often research and report on specific issues affecting Virginia. Some of this research is subsequently published as an Issue Insight.

The Issue Insights produced so far are available below, with the most recent listed first. All are in PDF format.

Issue Insight 8 (2015):
Regional Analysis and Refinement: Government Service Delivery Regions
Our initial analysis of existing regional models in use by various Virginia organizations -- and the new 8-region model the Council subsequently adopted -- was first published in 2005 (Issue Insight #1). This new report provides an updated review of current regional models and discusses important differences among them.
(Download -- 4.8 mb)
Issue Insight 7 (2011):
Government Funding and Service Relationships
This report provides a high-level summary of funding and service delivery relationships between levels of government, including a series of charts that aim to disentangle the complexity inherent in today's current funding and service delivery structures.
(Download -- 2 mb)
Issue Insight 6 (2010):
Virginia Performs: A Regional Perspective
This report provides a high-level summary of key outcomes in Virginia's diverse regions. The data and analysis presented here complement information provided on Virginia Performs.
(Download -- 2.9 mb)
Issue Insight 5 (2009):
Educational Attainment in Virginia
Here readers are given a broad assessment of education in Virginia, including a discussion of the relationship between longer-term workforce needs and what it will take for Virginia to compete with the best economic regions in the world. Although the report focuses mainly on postsecondary attainment, it also provides information on the major elements of the "student pipeline" from kindergarten through postsecondary education.
(Download -- 7 mb)
Issue Insight 4 (2009):
Evolution of Virginia Performs
This Issue Insight outlines a series of planned steps to strengthen Virginia Performs and enhance a focus on outcomes and data-driven decision-making throughout state government.
(Download -- 4.7 mb)
Issue Insight 3 (2008):
Survey of the Business Climate in Virginia
More than 850 business leaders – from organizations small, medium and large – participated in a survey that reveals what Virginia's business leaders really think about the state's business climate.
(Download -- 1.9 mb)
Issue Insight 2 (2008):
The High Cost of Low Educational Attainment
In recent years researchers have begun to focus on the broader costs low educational achievement creates for society. The information in this report is taken from recent research on the fiscal and economic consequences of high school dropouts.
(Download -- 1.7 mb)
Issue Insight 1 (2005):
Regional Analysis and Refinement
This first Issue Insight reviews several existing regional systems and, based on several factors and discussions with leaders familiar with Virginia's regional make-up, recommends a system comprised of eight regions.
(Download -- 10.3 mb)
Brief Insights graphic / logo Council staff also occasionally produce exploratory documents, called Brief Insights, that are chiefly used as preliminary research into a topic or short treatments of a very specific issue.
Credentials to Compete: Foundation for Tracking Progress This brief examines recent Virginia initiatives for STEM-H and workforce credentials attainment, documents the state's methods for tracking progress, and discusses current challenges in collecting accurate, meaningful data.
(Download -- 1.4 mb)

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