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Publications at a Glance

Council staff regularly produce publications designed to inform and educate the public about Virginia's current state and the issues it faces as it looks to maintain and improve that performance.

The Virginia Report

This annual report on the state of the Commonwealth provides a high-level review of how Virginia has been doing over the course of the past year.

Issue Insights

Council staff sometimes formally publish the results of research into specific issues affecting Virginia.

Legislative & Community Snapshots

Using detailed locality data from across the state, the Council produces annual district "snapshots" for each legislator in the General Assembly.

Virginia Performs Newsletter

This digital newsletter is sent to a wide variety of subscribers and focuses on performance developments in the state, as well as Council events and plans.

Council Work Summaries

The annual executive summary outlines the Council's overall purpose and framework and summarizes Council accomplishments over the course of the year.

Publications Archive

Check here for any publication older than two years prior to the current year.

Other Research

The Council sometimes researches issues that do not end in formal publication but are of interest to others nonetheless.

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