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Our Work: Performance

The Council has developed a robust performance leadership and accountability system – known as Virginia Performs – that incorporates a long-term vision for the future, a citizen-friendly window on Virginia's progress, rigorous strategic planning, and a variety of additional assessment tools.

The Virginia Performs website is the visible face of the state's performance leadership and accountability system. It aligns executive- and agency-level planning and outcomes with broader statewide goals in economy, education, health, public safety, transportation, government, and natural resources.

Virginia's Scorecard

The state's top-level goals for Virginia span 7 categories in economy, education, health and family, public safety, natural resources, transportation, and government. Virginia's Scorecard at a Glance captures current performance on 49 indicators related to these goals.

Priority Identification & Reporting

Issue-specific report cards can help us track progress toward important goals in targeted sectors of government and the broader economy. Learn more here.

Agency Planning & Assessment

Virginia Performs encompasses assessment at various levels of state government as well. Enterprise Strategic Priorities span multiple agencies and Secretariats. A new Web-based planning and budgeting system further integrates state agency planning with budgeting and enhances the system's reporting and analysis capabilities, including updated Executive Progress Reports. Learn more.

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