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Our Work: Emerging Issues

One of the Council's important roles is to maintain a long-term focus on issues vital to Virginia's future, particularly those related to the foundations of Virginia's sustained prosperity: a vibrant economy, a well-educated citizenry and skilled workforce, and excellence in state governance.

The Council is currently focused on three key questions to help accelerate progress on the state's top priorities.

Are Virginia and its regions adequately positioned to assess their economic competitiveness and strategically drive growth?

The Virginia economy is a composite of its multiple, diverse regional economies. State-level policies, programs, investments, and regulations are critical, but translating the state, national, and international environment into the most appropriate and effective regional strategy remains a challenge. The goal over the next year is to develop and begin testing a flexible assessment and planning template, based on best practices, that could be deployed across Virginia to ensure that each region is well-positioned to craft its own economic future.

How can we better leverage Virginia Performs to foster greater efficiency and effectiveness in state government?

The development of Virginia Performs, the Commonwealth's performance leadership and accountability system, has been an ongoing Council priority. The 2012 deployment of the strategic planning module – part of the state's new enterprise Performance Budgeting system – represented a major milestone in advancing its technical infrastructure. Now, the focus is on fine-tuning the system and strengthening its impact on agency performance.

Are we doing enough to educate and engage our citizens about their government?

Virginia's leaders have made a long-term commitment to increasing transparency and accountability in government. Virginia Performs, for instance, is one of a number of systems, including the Auditor of Public Account's Commonwealth Data Point, that provide a window into state performance and spending data. We will continue to examine ways to provide better, more accessible and understandable information about how state government operates and uses taxpayer resources.

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