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Our Work at a Glance

The Council on Virginia's Future is committed to improving the quality of life in the Commonwealth and the effectiveness of state government. The Council works to create these improvements by:

  • Providing a long-term focus on high-priority issues
  • Creating an environment for improved policy and budget decision-making
  • Increasing government performance, accountability, and transparency
  • Engaging citizens in dialogue about Virginia's future

The Council has also established a framework for achieving improved performance in ways that can move beyond state government alone. In asking critical questions, such as the three posed in the graphic below, the Council works with public-sector, private-sector and non-profit partners and helps develop the tools and products needed to get an important issue into focus.

A Framework for Performance


The Council employs a variety of tools that allow thought leaders and key stakeholders opportunities to explore challenging issues or to see data in a new light.


The Council developed Virginia Performs as the state's performance leadership and accountability system. Broad societal goals -- in concert with state government goals, strategic plans, and a wide range of performance metrics -- work together to keep Virginia on-track and responsive to key priorities and challenges.


The Council works regularly with partners and thought leaders from state government, non-profit organizations, and the private sector to explore challenges and opportunities facing the state.

Emerging Issues

Virginia's prosperity and well-being are affected by a host of forces and factors that can be difficult to untangle. Exploration of the issues that most influence key goals -- for example, how to foster more innovation or create greater regional economic competitiveness -- is a key part of the Council's ongoing work.

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