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About Us: About the Council

The Council on Virginia's Future was established in 2004 to develop a vision and long-term goals for Virginia's future. It was also tasked with developing a performance leadership and accountability system for state government -- now known as Virginia Performs -- that aligns with those goals and supports achievement of that overall vision.


The Council's purpose is to:
  • Provide a long-term focus on high-priority issues facing the Commonwealth
  • Create government accountability for long-term strategies and an enhanced focus on outcomes
  • Improve government performance and transparency
  • Inform and engage Virginians in dialogue about the state's future


The Council serves as an advisory board to the Governor and the General Assembly, who also support the Roadmap for Virginia's future.

Implementation of the Roadmap is the responsibility of elected and appointed officials, regional and community leaders, and the people of Virginia. The Council plays a leadership role for positive change by providing a forum where legislative, executive branch, and community leaders can come together for work that transcends election cycles, partisanship, limited organizational boundaries, and short-term thinking.

The Council regularly reviews progress on implementation of the Roadmap process and updates its parameters as needed.

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