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Putting Virginia's Future First

Virginia has a well-deserved reputation for good government and sound financial management. The Council is committed to maintaining the quality of life in Virginia and to enhancing the state's effectiveness in making the Commonwealth an even better place in which to live, work, and raise a family.

The Council helps state leadership develop an evolving roadmap for the future by:

  • Providing a long-term focus on high-priority issues facing Virginia
  • Creating government accountability and an enhanced focus on outcomes
  • Increasing government performance and transparency
  • Informing and engaging Virginians in a dialogue about the state's future

Vision, focus, results. Council on Virginia's Future

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The Virginia Report 2016

Each year the Council issues an annual report summarizing Virginia's performance over the previous 12 months. In addition to updated chapters profiling the Commonwealth, detailing core state and regional performance, and reviewing high-priority assessment tools like the Workforce System Report Card, this year's report focuses on the wealth of new data now available on Virginia Performs: a new Economic Diversity indicator, enhanced environmental indicators under Natural Resources, and new / condensed content -- Health Risk Factors and Mortality and Longevity -- under Health and Family.

You may dowload your preferred version of the report here:

Download: Web version, 18.0 mb | Full print version (hi-res), 82.6 mb